Friday, September 2, 2011

Run - Week 67

This was my entry for this week's prompt to the picture blog I've had the pleasure of writing on for over the past year. In the past, I've linked the chapters of the mystery serial but I thought today was time for something different, something a little darker, a little more adult.  What I love about the prompt blog is that it allows me to dabble into different genres of writing and see what really seems to sit well or what I really enjoy writing. I will always be a sci-fi nerd, but sometimes it's nice to tool around in a different playground.

Here's what I posted for this week. It is a bit more graphic than how I normally write, and also a bit darker. So be warned. I like it a lot, but I also know that this isn't the type of stuff that everyone gets into. If you decide to continue reading, I hope you enjoy it. Let me know at the bottom - drop me a line and tell me what you think. :)

One last comment - if you want to see the pictures that this prompt is based on, check out the blog at Writing Photo Prompt Challenge. They aren't necessary to enjoy the story but will add a visual.


She chewed her fingers while they awkwardly sat in bed together. She never did stuff like this, and she wasn’t even sure what made her go through with it. He certainly was cute, but he was little more than a stranger.

“Um, where’s your bathroom?” he asked, interrupting her internal musing.

“Down the hall to the left, second door,” she replied automatically.

The mattress shifted as he rose and left the room, not bothering to pull on any clothes. Now that he was out of the room, she was able to breathe a little easier.

“What am I supposed to do now?” she asked herself. “Do I send him on his way? Do we hang out a bit longer?” She realized she had no idea what the proper behavior was for a one-night stand, well one-day stand. It wasn’t even dusk yet.

Marlee swung her feet around until they were resting on the cool wood floor. The abruptness of the temperture change made her start. It also made her realize even more what she just did. Her father would be so ashamed of her. Marlee wasn’t a virgin, but it was very unlike her to treat sex so casually, even more so with someone she didn’t know. She wouldn’t even kiss cute guys at the club like her friends would. Marlee wasn’t a prude, but that kind of thing just didn’t interest her.

So why now? Why was he different?

The man in question walked back in the room, just as naked as he left it in. Marlee blushed as she looked over his body again. He smirked and walked to over to her, nudging her knees so he could stand standing in between her legs.

“Want seconds?” he asked, his voice smooth while he ran his hands up and down her arms.

Marlee didn’t respond, but arched into his touch. He smiled, his eyes darkening and his cock hardening. His hands created an explosion of sensations in Marlee, different than before, now that the eurphoric rush of their first time was over. She leaned back as he rested his knee on the mattress between her legs, putting his prominent erection near her face. Feeling inspired, she bent her neck and slid his cock in her mouth.

“Shit, baby,” he moaned, thrusting his hands in her hair and guiding her head as his hips started pumping. “Just like that, suck it.”

Marlee tried to keep up with his pace but she was not very experienced in giving blow jobs. She tried to pull away as she began to gag, but his hands kept her head fully in place.

“Yeah, baby, just go with it. Suck that cock.” His voice became more hoarse while she became more panicked.

Marlee finally twisted her head away enough to take a breath. He looked at her with a confused frown on his face. Angrily, she pushed him away. “What the fuck, Tony? Didn’t you feel me starting to gag? I couldn’t breathe.”

Tony’s face fell and he knealt down before Marlee. “Sorry, babe.” Gently, he brushed a lock of hair out of her face. “I was into it so much, it felt so good, I didn’t realize.” He rubbed his hands up and down her thighs as he looked at her. “Forgiven?” he asked, flashing a wide smile at her.

She wanted to stay mad, but his touch was making her want other things too badly. Giving in, she nodded and pulled his face to hers, kissing him. He took the lead she gave him and pushed her down on the bed, covering his body with hers. Marlee enjoyed the weight of him on her, pulling him even closer against her. He snaked an arm inbetweeen their bodies and pressed his hand against her clit, slipping a finger through her folds.

“You like that, don’t you?” he asked, rubbing her moist flesh and making her squirm.

“God, yes, just fuck me already!” Marlee exclaimed, startling herself over her words. The guy was bringing out a side of her that she wasn’t familiar with.

“Mmm, I think I want to play with you a bit more,” he murmurred, pushing two fingers inside of her.

His hand began moving faster, making Marlee twitch and thrash on the bed. She felt her impending orgasm beginning to build as her sensitive flesh continued to be masterfully handled. Right as she was about to crest, he removed his fingers.

“What the?” she asked, half drunk on the sensations as she sat up on her elbows.

“Flip over. You wanted me to fuck you, so I’m going to fuck you.”

Marlee’s eyes widened and her muscles clenched in anticipation. Quickly, she flipped over onto her hands and knees, waving her butt towards him. She had never tried this position before and was eager to see if it felt as good as her friends had said.

She felt the bed shift as he knealt behind her, running his hands over her ass. Suddenly, he smacked her full on the cheek, startling her.

“What the fuck was that?” she screeched, glaring back at Tony, her skin smarting.

“Just getting you ready, babe. Don’t you like that?” he cooed.

“No, I don’t,” she huffed.

“Okay, I’ll give you something you will like then,” he replied, leaning back and thrusting into her suddenly, his balls smacking against her skin.

Marlee’s exclamation was swallowed up by the intense pace that Tony began the moment he was inside her. There was nothing gentle about this. He was fucking her, hard. She had never been taken quite this roughly before and she realized she liked it. She liked it a lot.

“Fuck that ass,” Tony grunted, other words lost in his efforts.

With every deep push by Tony, Marlee cried out feeling ever inch of him in her body. Her nerves were on fire as her body clenched in anticipation of the orgasm it sought so badly.

“Oh“ Marlee cried inbetween thrusts. “God. Ton. Eee”

He was grunting with the effort he was putting into fucking her, gripping her hips almost painfully tight. The room filled with their animalistic noises, punctuated by their skin slapping together. Marlee’s cries became higher pitched as she came, her body seizing and her words intelligible.

Tony continued to pump into her, his pace becoming erractic, puncuated by a series of “Fuck”s. His final thrust was his deepest yet, and Marlee felt like she could feel him in the back of her throat he was so deep. He slumped against her body, spent and panting.

“That’s a good girl,” he said after he caught his breath. Tony pulled away, his flaccid cock slipping out easily.

Marlee collasped against the bed, her body feeling completely boneless. She hoped he’d lay down with her and cuddle for a little while but wasn’t sure if that was normally done with these kinds of hook-ups. Her question was answered when Tony stumbled out of the bed and reached for his clothes. He didn’t say a word as he walked back to the bathroom, presumably to clean up. Marlee surpressed a sigh of disappointment and decided to get cleaned up and dressed as well. Her stomach growled as she gathered her clothes, reminding her it was about dinner time.

“Hey Tony,” she called out.

“Yeah?” came the muffled reply through her bathroom door.

“You hungry?”

The door opened and a fully-clothed Tony appeared. “I could eat,” he replied with a smirk.

“Great. I’m starved. Let me get dressed and we can go. Is that okay with you?”

“Sure,” he replied, sitting down at her desk to wait.

Ten minutes later, Marlee and Tony pulled out of the parking lot of her building. He offered to drive, with the understanding it would make it easier for him to leave later when he dropped her back at her apartment. She went along with it, not thinking anything of it. Since they weren’t going to be gone long, she grabbed only a handful of cash and her ID, not wanting to be encombered by a purse or other effects, especially if that meant a third round in the car.

They were headed to a diner across town that Tony swore had the best food. She was a little uncomfortabe about going to a side of town she wasn’t as familiar with, but trusted Tony. Marlee began to get anxious when most of the town was behind them. She couldn’t see any restaurants ahead.

“Tony, where are we going?”

“You’ll see,” he said, his voice low, a tone to his voice he had not heard before, one that made her shiver.

“Tony, I don’t think I’m hungry anymore. Can you take me home?”

He shook his head. “We’re almost there, Marlee.”

Fear began to coil in her stomach as the last lights of the city went by, leaving nothing but a dark road ahead of them. She tried not to doubt him, but she barely knew him, and had nothing to base her trust on besides a day between the sheets. A few more miles passed without any lights or signs of any diner.

“Tony, this isn’t funny. Take me home.”

“Just be patient, babe.”

“I’ve been patient,” Marlee argued, her voice rising. “I don’t know where we are and I’m not hungry anymore, so please take me home.”

Tony didn’t reply. Marlee opened her mouth to say something again when the car started to slow down. When the car turned onto a dirt road, she thought perhaps he was going to turn around after all. Hope and relief blossomed in her heart until he continued down the winding road. Despair squashed any hope she had, as fear took root deep inside her. The road was bumpy, gravel pinging against the sides of the car as he drove.

“Tony, please you’re scaring me,” she whispered.


His voice was cold, completely unlike the person she knew before.

“Tony?” Marlee asked, her voice even quieter.

He didn’t answer right away, looking straight ahead as the car bounced along the road. Marlee wrapped her arms around herself as she looked out the window to try to get her bearings. She was going to run as soon as the car stopped. She had some cash on her if she was able to find a phone to call a cab or to pay for gas if she hitched a ride with someone.

The pleasure she felt earlier felt like it was from an alternate universe. Surely this was just a dream. Surely she wasn’t out in the middle of nowhere with someone she barely knew with no way of calling for help. Surely she wasn’t that stupid, that trusting.

“Where are you taking me?” she finally asked, hoping to get any information she could from the man who seemed to have kidnapped her, even if she was willing at first.

“To the diner.”

Exasperated, she burst out. “Tony, there is no diner out here! We are in the middle of nowhere!”

“Oh, but there is,” he insisted softly.

“What’s the name of it then?” she asked impatiently.

“It really doesn’t have a name ... “ he hedged. “It’s a private diner, invitation only.” His smirk could be seen even in the dark. The car began to slow, approaching a low, flat building. Dim lights could be seen from teh back of the building. It did not look like any restaurant she had ever seen.

A chill went through Marlee.

“A private diner?”

“Yes, quite exclusive.”

“What do they serve?”

“Whatever the fresh catch of the day is,” he replied, his voice chilling but eager as he parked the car.

Tony slowly got out as Marlee did the same, her head swiveling from side to side taking in her surroundings. She took a few steps away from the car into the beams of the headlights that he left on. Marlee couldn’t hear a thing. No birds, no crickets, no nightlife.

“Tony?” Marlee asked.

When she didn’t get a response, she turned around and found that she was alone.

“Tony?” she asked again, her voice nothing but a whisper.

She walked a few more steps, not getting any closer to the building, staying an equal distance between the car and the small but imposing structure.

“Would you like to know what the catch of the day is, Marleee...” Tony’s voice swirled around her.

Marlee turned around, trying to find the source of his voice. It was as if it came out of thin air.

“Tony, where are you?” she called, turning around again. It felt like she was going on circles.

You’re the catch of the day, Marlee...”

Tony’s voice sounded like it was right behind her. She spun around, not expecting anyone to be there, ust as before.

This time it was different. He stood a few feet behind her, tall and imposing, his eyes glinting from the headlights.


“Run, Marlee,” he whispered, his voice full of menace. “Run, while you can.”

He reached towards her as he took a step forward. Marlee’s blood ran cold as she realized the danger she was in.

“I’m hungry, Marlee,” he sneered, taking another step. “And you are making me so hungry.”

Marlee backed up, afraid of turning her back on the man she thought she knew.

“You’ll like it, babe,” he purred, his voice sounding more like the man she knew back in her apartment. “I want to play with you some more.” As he finished, his words turned more sinister and he took another step towards her.

Marlee knew it was a different kind of game he wanted to play now. Her fear finally motivated her to act. She turned from Tony and ran as fast as she could. She had just cleared the driveway of the building when she heard his voice again.

“Run, Marlee...” Tony called, once again seeming to surround her.

Redoubling her efforts, she ran down the road in the direction she thought they came from. As she ran, she saw snippets of things from the corner of her eyes, things that looked like they were following her. She dared not turn her head to see what it was and distract herself.

Marlee’s lungs were burning and she desperately needed a break, but she didn’t dare slow down yet. She would run until she found the city and civilization again.

Marlee ran until several pairs of hands roughly grabbed her from behind and dragged her to the ground. Her scream was cut short as two more pairs wrapped around her neck and squeezed.

“Just like that,” Tony whispered, a smirk on his face while the others crowded around.

The diner was open.

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