Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Flash Fiction - 5MinuteFiction - Week 63

Here's my older entries in the #5MinuteFiction contest hosted by Leah Petersen

Prompt: “You point it at a group of people and it’ll obliterate everything in its path,”

“You point it at a group of people and it’ll obliterate everything in its path,” my associate tells me as I investigate the new product he gave me.

It looks so simple really. One would never think it would cause the damage that he claims, but he is most knowledgeable about such things. I have learned in the past not to doubt him. It usually didn’t end well for me.

Looking it over, I shot him one last dubious glance, but shrugged as I continued to imagine what this could do. He only stood there and watched me impassively. I laughed as my imagination ran away with me, filling my head with carnage and destruction, the likes of which have not been seen before.

“So, shall we?” I asked, failing to hide the smirk on my face.

“We shall, or should I say, you shall. You paid for it after all. My hands are clean,” he replied.

“Yes, I suppose you are right.” I sighed as I prepared myself. “Time to get the show on the road.”

I stepped forward, onto the red carpeted podium and to the microphone that was waiting. Once I stopped, the whole area quieted down in anticipation of my news.

“Today, we have for you, the world premiere of the latest Justin Bieber album!” I cried, holding the shiny silver jewel case above my head.

The roar of the crowd as soon as I uttered the teen sensation’s name was enough to break sound records. It was mind-numbing. I think the girls in the front actually fainted.

I grinned happily, as the crowd turned into a gibbering pile of goo in their excitement to get their hands on the new album. Ah, sweet success. It was devastating.

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