Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Flash Fiction - HumpDayChallenge - Week 16

Here's my entry to today's #HumpDayChallenge hosted at Tracey Hansen Will Write for Food

Prompts: Cruise, Decade, Sizzle, Dice, Regret

Dear Sir:

It is with deepest regret that we inform you of the cancellation of your cruise aboard the Dynamic Star.

During an ill-fated dice game, it was revealed that the Activities Coordinator, Stephan, was involved in a decade long affair with the Chef’s wife. Chef Raul was furious and the two men became entangled in a physical brawl.

The brawl continued into the kitchen, where Raul overpowered Stephan. Chef Raul was found laughing merrily in the kitchen while Stephan’s testicles sizzled on the flattop, a bloody meat cleaver lying nearby. Stephan was never found.


Dynamic Star Concierge

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