Sunday, September 4, 2011

Flash Fiction - HumpDayChallenge - Week 12

#HumpDayChallenge - Week 12

Prompts: Lumpy, Riot, Glaze, Thrust, Amorphous

“It’s rather amorphous, isn’t it?”

“I think it’s more lumpy than anything,” I countered.

“Should I put a glaze on it?”

I shuddered. “Erm, no. You remember what happened last time, right?”

“Oh yeah, we don’t want a repeat of that mess. What a riot it caused.”

“Definitely not. It took forever to clean up.”

“It did not take forever,” she argued.

“It took long enough.” I insisted. “Now, are you going to do something with it or not?”

“Fine, fine,” she said, tossing the blue and white blob into the starry abyss, landing third in line from the sun.

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