Sunday, September 4, 2011

Flash Fiction - HumpDayChallenge - Week 10

#HumpDayChallenge - Week 10

Prompts: Shrimp, Electricity, Fold, Bury, Pluck

Electricity hummed in the room, a sharp tang followed by a series of pops.

Alex laughed as he switched off the power and collected the puffed shrimp that were hanging from a wire with crispy bits of shell sticking to them.

Phil examined Alex’s handiwork. “That is one way to pluck a shrimp,” he commented.

Alex snickered and folded up the wire he used to fry the shrimp. “I thought it was quite ingenious myself. Kinda like making popcorn.”

“Ooookay,” Phil replied dubiously.

“Yep, now all I have to do is bury the shells in the compost pile. You hungry?”

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