Sunday, September 4, 2011

Flash Fiction

Before this spring, I had no idea what flash fiction was. By the graces of social media (Helloooo Twitter!) I came across 5MinuteFiction hosted by Leah Petersen and then this summer, I found the HumpDayChallenge hosted by Tracey Hansen. Both basically do the same thing, you are given prompts and then rules to write by.

With 5MinuteFiction (#5MinuteFiction @LeahPetersen), the name is very self-explanatory. You have five minutes to write as much as you can given the prompts on her blog. Either she or a guest judge select the top five and then they are voted on. The winner gets bragging rights, a blog badge, and sometimes additional swag. It's fun and doesn't take much time, but get those creative juices flowing ... and it is also a great way to meet other writers.

HumpDayChallenge operates slightly different (#HumpDayChallenge @THansenWrites). You have eight hours to write no more than 100 words with the prompts provided. Again, it is either judged by her or a guest judge.

Both are quite fun and I encourage anyone to give it a try.

I've been wanting to post my entries to my blog for awhile now so I can share with people, so when you see the comments for these two contests, you'll know what they are from. :)  Enjoy the flash and hope to see you there!


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