Tuesday, October 6, 2015

2015 NaNoWriMo - Let's Do This

Over the years, for the few followers of this blog, you have watched me write, stop, write again, stop, and write some more. Well, the stopping is over, at least for now. I am doing NaNo again this year and I am determined to complete it. 

Except this time, you can help me. If you write, we can be writing buddies, encouraging one another to get those daily word counts in. If you don't write, drop me a message to push me, ask me if I've written today, or for the very daring of you, you can sponsor me here to help support NaNo and all of their great programs.

The novel I'm working on this year is Waking Elizabeth, a tragic romance ... not my normal genre, but the story struck me one day on my way home from work and nearly brought me to tears. That's been a few years now but the punch of the scene that came to my head is still as potent as it was then. Here is a synopsis:

For ten years, Elizabeth's husband, Jeff, has been in a coma after suffering a serious brain injury while on a job site. She held on hope that he would eventually wake up, but as the years wore on, it seemed less and less likely. He remained in a coma, neither of them able to move on.

Finally worn down by friends and family to go out and live a little, Elizabeth does but it backfires on her spectacularly. Fighting guilt over the vows she made so long ago, she struggles on what to do, to live when he cannot, to possibly even find love again ... 

Just as she thinks that she can move on, the impossible happens. Jeff, the first love of her life, wakes up. Elizabeth is caught between the past and the present ... and if love can really strike twice.

You can check on my progress by checking my blog updates, my Facebook page, or the word counter to the right.

Thanks for sticking around and I hope to see you this November encouraging me AND sponsoring me to finish this novel!


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

100 Days of Creativity - DFQ Edition - Day 2

So, two days in a row! I've made a new record!

Today's dabble is Finish That Thought...., another great Flash Fiction contest.

It was the night of a blood red moon. According to the legends of Mirja'a's people, it was during nights like these where the rivers would flow with the blood of their enemies.

It was also a night like this when the Bijeszlo attacked so many years ago, when the blood of Strijela flowed freely, saturating the ground and water.

The time for revenge was at hand. It was a special blessing from Upinde indeed that would give the Strijela a blood red moon on the same night as Sha'donar. The holy celebration before battle took on a deeper, more personal meaning this night.

Mirja'a tested the tautness of the string of her bow as she listened to the singing and drumming of the priests and priestesses. She would make an appearance soon, before her people, before they began their march north to the territories of the hated Bijeszlo.

Setting her bow aside, she picked up her hakta and tested the edge with the pad of her thumb. A thin line of red blossomed across her skin. Satisfied, Mirja'a pressed harder, causing blood to pool along the edge. Once there was enough along the blade, she used her thumb to mark her face with her lifeblood, across her cheeks, forehead, and chin. The tang of iron settled around her, but she didn't mind.

Carefully, Mirja'a held the blade out in the small fire in front of her, letting the heat burn away the last vestiges of her blood and cleansing it. The remnants of her blood bubbled, burned, then flaked away, leaving the knife sparkling and pure. The next blood that her sacred hakta would taste would be that of a Bijeszlo.

The music from the holy people of Strijela was beginning to crescendo and Mirja'a was expected to appear soon. She murmured a quick but earnest prayer to Upinde as she gathered her various weapons.

It was time. The people of Holy Upinde would get their revenge and the rivers would flow red again. Soon the Bijeszlo would discover the consequences of their actions. Soon, Mirja'a's parents would be vindicated, once and for all.

355 Words

Monday, April 6, 2015

100 Days of Creativity - DFQ Edition - Day 1

So I'm a member of a most excellent group of creatives on Facebook, a very open, welcoming group that nurtures and supports one another both with creative endeavors and even personal. Many of us in that group have decided to participate in the "100 Days of Creativity." In my desperate desire to get back into the habit of writing again, I am using the 100 Days and support by my DFQ group to push me to do something, anything, to get the creative juices flowing and get my muse back in shape.

Best way to get ones toes wet is with flash contests. There are some new contests out now that weren't when I last participated. I look forward to trying these out. Look for my posts with the hashtag #100Days as I get back into it.

For the first day, I'm diving into the 100 Words challenge by Velvet Verbosity.

The word is "shelf," and these are my words.

This was her most sacred place, the place where the relics of her parents were kept. She knew every corner, every shelf. Countless nights Mirja'a fell asleep staring at the carved images of her parents while candles burn down to nubs, wishing she could bring them back.

The priests said she had immense power, but none of it was enough to change the past. None of it was enough to burn away the sounds of her parents being slaughtered by the Bijeszlo.

The only things remaining of her parents were on these shelves, powerless and impotent, just as she felt.

100 Words

Time Flies ...

This is embarrassing.

My last post on this blog was a year and a half ago.

Where did I go wrong?


My muse left for awhile, I was so busy working, excited in my new job.

However, my muse has come back, at least for a little while. She whispers in my ear, ideas and stories that swirl and percolate in my brain, marinating until I am able to put them down to paper (or virtual paper as it were).

Maybe I've just gotten better at balancing work and pleasure ... who knows.

If you are reading this, thank you for sticking around and checking things out.

I promise I won't be gone for so long again.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Progress with Nano - Day 6

So progress has been coming along. I'm still a little behind, but it's not bad. I'm having a lot of fun working with my various writing groups and meeting new people in my regions at write-ins.

Here's a snippet of what I wrote yesterday.

"Choking back the tears, she clasped his hand in both of hers and prayed. She prayed to whatever God would allow her husband to be hurt like this would allow him to recover, to touch her again, to be with her, to live."

Friday, November 1, 2013

NaNoWriMo 2013 - Day 1

Dun dun duuuuuuuun.....

Yes, the madness has returned. National Novel Writing Month.

Last year I had a firm outline, character sketches and even some scenes roughly penciled.

This year, I finally decided what to write at 10pm on October 31st, 2013... then hurriedly try to pencil in an outline. I was woefully unprepared, despite eagerly signing up for this craziness.

So far today I've made the daily goal. I want a few more words in since I don't usually write a lot during the weekends, but we shall see. Maybe I can squeak a few more words out tonight.

What I am going to do this year is every day that I write, I am going to post my favorite line of the new material. Hopefully these little snippets will tantalize you on what the final product is going to be (assuming that those favorite lines don't get edited out after November).

Also what is different this year: I'm writing a romance. I have never written a straight romance before. My stories have always had an element of romance to them... the main character would have a love interest, but it wasn't the main premise of the story. This time, it is. So, here's to new things!

And lastly, my favorite line from today's writing:
"Elizabeth couldn't speak. Her body quaked with tears, shuddering sobs that robbed her body of sound with the violence of her emotion."

Monday, October 28, 2013

Mystic Island by Jena Roudebush

Hello friends!

Below is a story by my friend Jena Roudebush for an upcoming Christmas anthology. She doesn't have a blog for her story, so I provided mine. I was supposed to write for this anthology as well, but I couldn't get my story to come together. I will have more details about the availability of the anthology by Jena and many other talented others (last count was 63) as soon as I can.

And now, the main event:

Genre: Fantasy
Author/Pen Name: Jena Roudebush
eBook: Yes
Dedication: No

By Jena Roudebush

The horizon was bleak on the white capped open sea, no land in sight. The ship rocked gently side to side. Dark clouds threaten heavy rain. A cold bitter bit to the air brought on a shiver to Caption James Boone. He stood tall at the wooden wheel. He’s hands grasping two of the eight spokes of the worn, weathered wooden wheel. He whistled to himself as he guided the ship north towards Mystic Island. Fairies inhabited the beautiful tree covered, mountainous Island. He had little knowledge of Mystic Island. The Queen of the Island is a healer. He needed to find her and ask her or rather plead her help to use her powers to heal his very ill son. She was his last hope. They had tried every healing treatment, nothing had worked. James and his crew had been at sea for five days and time was running out.

James’s son was in the Captains courters covered in heavy blankets to ward off the bitter chill that ran through his body. He coughed for the millionth time; the action severally aggravated his throat so bad that his eyes began to water. Coughing up blood he spat into a hanker chief. Looking at the red crimson liquid he wondered if they could get to the Island in time. James Jr lay in bed trying to ignore the throbbing pain in his head. “Great”, he said out loud, “another headache”. Unable to sleep he stared up at the wooden plank ceiling of the ship praying that the Queen would heal him.

It was late in the afternoon when Caption James, saw the tall majestic mountains of Mystic Island. A sense of accomplishment washed over him. “We made it” he said in a whisper. The ship approached the Island and prepared to anchor the ship. He, James Jr, and the ten man crew loaded into life boats and headed for shore. The small beach was pure white and the sight of it made Caption Boone’s heart swell with happiness. They had made it, one step closer. James admired the Islands glorious beauty. He took in the fresh pine smell of the dark green trees that covered the Island. He peaked at his son and gave him a hopeful, loving smile.

Carrying his son on a handmade sled James with map in hand and a prayer started on what he knew was a day’s quest. It probably would take all night but he didn’t care, they would keep going. He was thankful that one of his good friends had explored the Island a few months ago and was able to provide him with a map. The friend had told him that on his explorations he and his crew had been walking for about a day before they had found the Queens Castle. James with his crew behind him led the way toward the castle. The sun was beginning to sink in the sky. Five hours of day light at the most, they needed to make the most of it.

Trudging through the thick forest cutting away branches with his long bladed sword. Capitan Boone and his crew walked into the night. Exhausted from traveling for almost eight hours, they stop to rest. James’s crew needed sleep. They would not be able to travel further without it. James knew that time was running out, he had to press on alone with James’s Jr. Boone could not waste time just going up alone and bringing the Queen back to camp. It would take too long and it was not a risk he was willing to take. James Jr was getting sicker. Capitan Boone was worried but hopeful that he could make it to the Queen that would surly help his son.

The sun was peaking just barley above the snow caped mountains when James and his son approached the Castle. The pure glowing white marble stone structure stood majestically in front of him. Glass carved Angel statues flanked the Iron Gate. He slowly pushed the gate open and stepped inside the court yard. Stone steps led to the Castle door. He lifted his son into his arms and climbed the white marble steps. He knocked firmly on the elaborately carved wooded door. The door opened into a huge open room. The queen stood from her thrown and glided towards them like she was floating on a cloud. She was exquisitely beautiful, skin like porcelain. Her chiseled jaw prominent, smooth long dark hair flowed down her slender back. Her gown formed to her body like a glove. The hooded white fur cloak kept her warm against the chilly Castle air.

She stood before James tall and regal with a presents that was almost intimidating. “What can I do for you James”? She asked softly. “How do you know my name”? James asked with curiosity. “I have my ways James”. James cleared his throat, took a deep breath and spoke. “My son is very sick, I and my dear wife have done everything we can do, and nothing has worked.” “Can you heal him”? “Please”? James said with desperation. The Queens bright blue eyes gazed into James’s hazel ones as if she was reading his thoughts. Smiling, she spoke “I have been keeping my eye on your family, as I can sense the sick”. She continued “You are a loving father and your son is a good boy”. “I will heal your son”. Tears sprung to James’s eyes. He said as he bowed before her, “Thank you my Queen”.


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