Thursday, November 7, 2013

Progress with Nano - Day 6

So progress has been coming along. I'm still a little behind, but it's not bad. I'm having a lot of fun working with my various writing groups and meeting new people in my regions at write-ins.

Here's a snippet of what I wrote yesterday.

"Choking back the tears, she clasped his hand in both of hers and prayed. She prayed to whatever God would allow her husband to be hurt like this would allow him to recover, to touch her again, to be with her, to live."

Friday, November 1, 2013

NaNoWriMo 2013 - Day 1

Dun dun duuuuuuuun.....

Yes, the madness has returned. National Novel Writing Month.

Last year I had a firm outline, character sketches and even some scenes roughly penciled.

This year, I finally decided what to write at 10pm on October 31st, 2013... then hurriedly try to pencil in an outline. I was woefully unprepared, despite eagerly signing up for this craziness.

So far today I've made the daily goal. I want a few more words in since I don't usually write a lot during the weekends, but we shall see. Maybe I can squeak a few more words out tonight.

What I am going to do this year is every day that I write, I am going to post my favorite line of the new material. Hopefully these little snippets will tantalize you on what the final product is going to be (assuming that those favorite lines don't get edited out after November).

Also what is different this year: I'm writing a romance. I have never written a straight romance before. My stories have always had an element of romance to them... the main character would have a love interest, but it wasn't the main premise of the story. This time, it is. So, here's to new things!

And lastly, my favorite line from today's writing:
"Elizabeth couldn't speak. Her body quaked with tears, shuddering sobs that robbed her body of sound with the violence of her emotion."