Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Flash Fiction - #HumpDayChallenge - Week 20

Ah, all the flash challenges this week are all Halloween themed! I love it!

Today is #HumpDayChallenge day... it is always fun and I had fun writing my entry.

The prompts were: Dripping, Fog, Moonlight, Stone, Malevolent

Title: Bad Night for Love

A dripping trail of cum oozed down her leg as he pulled out and stood. She struggled to sit up against the cold stone bench he had just fucked her on. Earlier, the gentle moonlight made the cemetery look like a romantic place for a rendezvous but as the fog moved in, the night took on an evil cast.

She looked up, but as soon as she did, the woman was stunned by the sudden malevolence emanating from the man. He leaned over her, his smile anything but friendly. The last thing she felt were his teeth at her neck.

Monday, October 24, 2011

NEW Flash Fiction Contest!!!

Hey all of you flash fiction lovers! The awesome @JenD_Author is hosting a brand spankin' new flash fiction contest that starts this Friday the 28th on her blog: A Measure of Madness

Check out the blog for the details but the cliff notes: 100 word drabble, not 99 words or 101 or even 97. Has to be 100 on the button. Prompt is a picture.

And the best part is? Yours truly is the judge! *Insert evil laughter here*

If you've ever been curious about a flash fiction contest, now is the time to jump on in. We don't bite ... well, maybe if you ask nicely.

And more importantly, when it comes to selecting a winner ... I take bribes.

Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

NaNoWriMo 2011

As October lurches toward the second half of the month, the start of National Novel Writing Month nears. Are you participating? Are you ready? Are you scared out of your mind?

My first attempt at Nano last year was, for me, successful. Granted I didn't get to the 50k word goal, but I wrote. I wrote just about every day, plugging away at my first attempt at a novel since I was 20. I haven't finished it yet, but I will. The characters I've spent so much time on deserve to have the rest of their story told, it is just not meant to be today.

There seems to be two groups of people when it comes to Nano. Those that outline and those that don't. Neither one is right or wrong, just a matter of what you as a writer perfer. I am an outliner. I tend to be anal/OCD in some tendencies and I try to be as prepared as possible. I will have a thorough outline, backstory notes, and character sketches ready by October 31st. Now whether all that preparation translates into a novel is another story.

I've seen many a blog post by other writers with advice and anecdotes of their previous experience with Nano. And while all of it is good, when it comes to YOU actually writing, how much can their tips help? After all, it can be quite daunting to write a novel. Will anything they say stay with you when you stare at that blinking cursor on November 1st?

I will throw in my own bit of sage advice, much of which will largely be unnecessary when it comes to that first day. It doesn't matter how you write or what you write. What matters is that you ...


Flash Fiction - Hump Day Challenge - Week 19

Happy Wednesday to all of you. Here is my entry in Tracey Hansen's #HumpDayChallenge. The rest of the entries and info about the contest, should you wish to join, can be found here: Tracey's Tavern

Title: Never Say Diet*

The air in the kitchen shimmered as my new, shiny digital Richard Simmons steamer work its magic on a poor piece of chicken and some potatoes. This was one more attempt at a diet for me. One more attempt to try to find my hips and maybe keep my thighs from rubbing together.

I tried to hide my distain, but steamed chicken just wasn’t the same as a good steak cooked over a grill and served with compound butter. Steamed food was like foreplay … it got you interested but left you raging for the main course.

*Title is the name of one of Richard Simmons’ numerous books. I also own one of his steamers. It was a wedding gift … and while not so great as a wedding gift, it does work very well.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Flash Fiction - #5MinuteFiction - Week 73

Happy Tuesday to you all... I entered this week's #5MinuteFiction after being momentarily stumped by the prompt. Yet, I made it as a finalist! Woo! Check out the site and all the entries and vote. Leah Petersen #5MinuteFiction

Here's mine ... the first line was the prompt.

Title: Hunger

More dangerous than it is beautiful, the jungle pities no man, especially a man who enters unprepared. This is where Sergio found himself, knee-deep in a mire and unable to extricate himself. As he tried to reach for branches or vines, anything to pull him out, the jungle waited, patient as it was old, until Sergio tired of his feeble attempts.

The jungle was hungry, the vines could practically taste the nourishment that his fleshy body would provide. The small animals and insects jittered in excitement. Soon it would be time to feed. Soon it would be time for Sergio to scream. Soon.

Monday, October 17, 2011

#3forThursday Week Three Results

D Ryan Leask has joined the foray into hosting flash fiction contests with his #3forThursday contest. It's rather ingenious, really ... you get three prompts in three hours, and you have multiple ways to play ... just with individual prompts, with all three in one 300 word story, or all three in one 100 word story. During Week 3, I decided to go all out and enter in all three categories (Speed, Classic, and Blind) and I won all three! Clean sweep! (Although, to be honest, I was the only entry in the Classic Play division). It was still awesome to win ... even if I had to wait a week to find out. Poor Ryan and his whole family were down with the flu. Never fun times there. My new badges are on the right side of the blog now. Woo! :)

Here's a link to his blog if you want to check out the new contest and read all the entries.#3forThursday

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

#tuesdaytales Extended Edition - Week 10

Something a bit different this week for Glitterlady's #TuesdayTales. The first 100 words were posted on Glitterlady's blog as a hook and the rest is posted here. For continuality, I posted the first 100 here as well. The prompt is: spectrum


Alana walked through town, completely unprepared for the sudden assault of images in her mind. What was happening to her? Her thoughts were filled with a spectrum of evil, of blood, demons, and death. Stumbling, she steadied herself against a nearby park bench.

The silver spiral pendant around her neck sparkled as she moved, reflecting the sunlight. Out of habit, she rubbed the pendant between her thumb and forefinger.

Instantly, the evil thoughts left her mind, just as quickly as they appeared. Breathless and disoriented, she sat on the bench and tried to figure out what just happened.


She turned and saw the figure of her friend David walking quickly down the street toward her.

“Are you okay?” he asked softly, brushing a strand of hair out of her face.

“Uh, yeah,” she replied. “I just got dizzy all of a sudden.” Telling David the truth didn’t seem like a wise idea. The last thing she wanted was for him, her first friend in her new town, to think she was crazy.

“Does this normally happen to you?” David asked as he sat down next to her on the bench.

“No, but I haven’t eaten yet today so maybe that’s why.” That wasn’t a complete lie. She hadn’t eaten breakfast and it was mid-afternoon.

Alana had spent a good portion of the morning cleaning up the house, dusting and sorting through what was left to her by her grandparents. It was a long process and she still had the upstairs and attic to complete.

“Alana, it’s nearly 3pm! Why haven’t you eaten?”

“I guess I forgot?”

David harrumphed and shook his head as he rose from the bench, holding his hand out to Alana. “Come on, time to feed you. There’s a great diner around the corner from here that serves breakfast all day long.”

“Breakfast?” Alana asked as she stood with his help, her legs still a little shaky.

“Yep. It’s the most important meal of the day!” he announced with a smile on his face.

Alana returned his smile, thinking of how handsome her friend was and that he should smile more often.

As they walked, they passed the town hall and clock tower. Alana looked up and a flash of the images returned. Blood was everywhere, and evil spirits surrounded a car that was smashed beyond recognition. A baby was crying, piercing the sudden quiet.

She gasped and squeezed her eyes shut as tight as she could. When she re-opened them, everything was back to normal. No blood, no smashed car, no spirits.

Am I going crazy? she thought to herself.

David peered down at her, concern clearly etched across his face. “Alana?”

Shaking her head, she resumed walking. She was stopped a moment later by David’s hand on her arm.

“Alana, what just happened?” The look on his face told her he wasn’t going to be easily brushed off.

“It was nothing,” she said, trying to make her voice light. “Let’s go eat.”

“No, Alana,” David insisted. “That wasn’t nothing. Your face became as white as a sheet and you looked terrified. What happened?” He stood in front of her and grasped her upper arms firmly.

Alana bowed her head, unable to look him in the eye and instead stuck with staring at his chest …which wasn’t really a bad thing but was at an inappropriate moment.

“Hey,” he said softly, lifting her chin with his finger so he could look in her eye. “It’s okay, Alana. You can tell me.”

She sighed, realizing he was not going to give up. “I saw something that scared me.”

His brows furrowed in puzzlement. “What was it?”

“You’re going to think I’m crazy,” she said with resignation. “I saw a car accident. It was horrible. A baby was crying and there was blood … so much blood.” She shuddered as the image came back to her.

David rubbed her back as he pulled her into a hug. “It’s okay, Alana. You’re safe.”

She sank into David’s arms, her fear ebbing out of her. Alana had no idea what brought that image on or if it was a distant memory. Something about it seemed so familiar but she couldn’t put a finger on it.

David continued to hold her, running a hand through her hair in an effort to relax her. “I’ve got you, Alana. No one can hurt you, and I don’t think you’re crazy.”

Alana buried her face into his chest, only then realizing she had been crying when his shirt felt wet. She was so afraid that he would treat her differently if he knew what she saw. Lord only knew what he would think when she told him about the voices and whispers she heard as well. Alana decided to keep that to herself for the time being.

With a deep breath, she finally pushed away from David’s chest. He didn’t completely let go, but kept an arm around her protectively. “Let’s go eat,” she said softly. While she still wasn’t hungry, she’d need her strength and her wits about her. She didn’t know what was going on, but felt that it was only the tip of the iceberg.

Total: 865 words

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Life of a Truck Driver

My husband sent this to me this afternoon and it was too good not to share. The only changes I've made to the story is merely formatting to make it easier to read.

The Life of a Truck Driver: Driver (my hubs) vs Stupid Person

Driver: Hi, I have a delivery of two skids of drums for you.
Stupid person:  We don't have any drums.
Driver:  Ok, I have the drums for you.
Stupid person: What's in them?
Driver: Water.
Stupid person: Why did you deliver me water?
Driver: You brought it.
Stupid person: I am not allowed to buy things.
Driver: Your company bought it.
Stupid person: Oh, I feel dumb.
Driver: (thinking) No fucking kidding

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Flash Fiction - TuesdayTales - Week 9

Here's my entry for this week, hosted by Glitterlady at Glitter Word

The prompts:
The word flabbergasted and a photo of a fire thrower

Before my stunned eyes, the wormhole changed, erupting in what appeared to be a deadly ring of fire.

“What the hell just happened?” I asked.

Scrambling, completely flabbergasted on how it was possible, I disengaged the autopilot and desperately tried to pull the ship away from the wormhole.

While it was impossible to be actual fire, being that we were in the vacuum of deep space, something was clearly very wrong.

Klaxons blared, warning everyone of the impending danger. The captain barked orders over the intercom as I continued to try to pull the ship away.

“Hang on!” I shouted.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Flash Fiction - MenageMonday - Week 3

Yet another flash fiction contest. And I wonder why it is taking me so long to finish my novel or start a new one or get ready for NaNoWriMo...

Hosted by the lovely Cara Michaels at her blog: Defiantly Literate. This contest runs from 7am to 8pm EST, limit from 100-200 words, and has three prompts: a phrase, a picture, and usually a subject matter or person. Check out her blog for this week's prompts, or read my entry and see if you can guess what they are.

“So do you normally take girls to cemeteries on the first date, Nate?” Claudia asked.

Nate scratched his beard as he smiled. “Only the special ones.”

Claudia blushed and looked down at her lap.

“I find it comforting here,” he added.

Claudia cocked her head to one side, considering his words. “Why?”

“All of these people are at peace.”

“And this is really comforting for you?”

Nate nodded. “Yes, it really is.”

“I’d hate to see what’s uncomfortable for you,” Claudia quipped as she took a bite of her sandwich.

“Violence,” he replied quietly, his blue eyes sad as he looked around.

She didn’t comment, instead finished the last of the wine in her glass. Nate grabbed the bottle of wine sitting next to him and began to refill her glass. “Last call,” he teased.

Claudia rolled her eyes and smiled at her date. “What kind of work do you do, Nate?”

“Um, I’m a representative, an agent of sorts.”


“Most people know me by my full name, Thanatos.”

Claudia looked at him blankly.

“Seriously? Don’t they teach you anything in schools anymore? Thanatos, representative of Death? Anything?”

She shook her head.

Thanatos sighed and drank his wine.