Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Flash Fiction - Hump Day Challenge - Week 19

Happy Wednesday to all of you. Here is my entry in Tracey Hansen's #HumpDayChallenge. The rest of the entries and info about the contest, should you wish to join, can be found here: Tracey's Tavern

Title: Never Say Diet*

The air in the kitchen shimmered as my new, shiny digital Richard Simmons steamer work its magic on a poor piece of chicken and some potatoes. This was one more attempt at a diet for me. One more attempt to try to find my hips and maybe keep my thighs from rubbing together.

I tried to hide my distain, but steamed chicken just wasn’t the same as a good steak cooked over a grill and served with compound butter. Steamed food was like foreplay … it got you interested but left you raging for the main course.

*Title is the name of one of Richard Simmons’ numerous books. I also own one of his steamers. It was a wedding gift … and while not so great as a wedding gift, it does work very well.

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