Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Flash Fiction - #HumpDayChallenge - Week 20

Ah, all the flash challenges this week are all Halloween themed! I love it!

Today is #HumpDayChallenge day... it is always fun and I had fun writing my entry.

The prompts were: Dripping, Fog, Moonlight, Stone, Malevolent

Title: Bad Night for Love

A dripping trail of cum oozed down her leg as he pulled out and stood. She struggled to sit up against the cold stone bench he had just fucked her on. Earlier, the gentle moonlight made the cemetery look like a romantic place for a rendezvous but as the fog moved in, the night took on an evil cast.

She looked up, but as soon as she did, the woman was stunned by the sudden malevolence emanating from the man. He leaned over her, his smile anything but friendly. The last thing she felt were his teeth at her neck.

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