Wednesday, August 14, 2013

VisDare 33: Indifferent

This week was a bit harder for me to produce something for #VisDare, but I still went for it. Check out the other entries here.

Three paths were laid out before of her, each would take her in different directions. The left had more opportunity and was exciting, but was fraught with higher risk. The right was safer, but secure and had the potential to be dull. The middle, now that was the unknown. Did she have to choose either one or the other? Could she not have excitement risk tempered with security?

Without looking to either the left or the right, she forged on ahead. She would make her own path and not chose what had been expected of her from either side.  Eliana wanted safety and security but on her terms. There was room for excitement there, and opportunity, but it would on her terms only and not someone else's.

This was her life, and she was going to start living it. No one else was going to make that choice for her.

150 Words

55 Word Challenge - Week 70

Here's my foray into the 55 Word Challenge contest again. Interesting choice of pictures. Below is the picture I chose.

Title: Past the Point of No Return

Pushing past the twigs and bramble, we finally found the last portal. It was crumbling and eroding, but power still emanated from it. The waters that flowed from its center were said to be special and we eagerly drank. Little did we know what kind of portal this really was, until it was too late.


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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Friday Fictioneers!

I'm on a roll with flash fiction this week. Today I am trying out the Friday Fictioneers, another first for me.
I'm trying another snippet in the other new story I might be working on. Something more contemporary than the fantasy I was working on last week.


Elizabeth felt like dancing, something reminiscent of Gene Kelly’s title number from Singing in the Rain. The smile could not be wiped from her face as she walked down the street. Some people gave her strange looks as she passed, probably trying to figure out what she was so happy about. She wanted to shout from the rooftops until she was hoarse about Andrew.

Her happy thoughts were interrupted by the ringing of her cell phone. When she looked at the caller ID, her mood sank to the ground like a lead weight.

Valley Park Nursing Home.

She accepted the call with trepidation. They normally didn’t call. Did something happen to Daniel?


“Mrs. Anderson?”


115 words

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Visual Dare 32: Undecided

Another new (well new to me) flash fiction contest! Of course I had to try this one. This also allowed me to delve into another story that has been marinating around in my brain for the past few weeks. Here's the site which has the prompt and the link to the other entries.


Elizabeth stared at the glass of water, more uncertain that she had ever been in her entire life.

She had a marriage that all of her friends envied, only to have that all taken away by a freak work-site accident. The love of her life now laid comatose in a local nursing home,  and had been that way for the past ten years.

The vows she swore were for better or for worse, right?  Was this the worse? The doctors said there was hardly any chance he would ever wake up, yet she still wore her ring.

Did she have a right to try for that kind of love twice?

Andrew made her feel like she did when she first met Daniel. It was more than just feeling attractive, there were strong mutual feelings involved. But, she was still another man’s wife.  Could it happen twice in one lifetime?

149 words 

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Monday, August 5, 2013

The Monday Mixer - August 5th, 2013

I received an honorable mention last week with my foray into the Monday Mixer. It was so much fun that I decided to give it a whirl again. Check out the other entries here.

I decided to play in the same universe as last week's entry. I don't have a title yet, and I am still building the universe but I'm quite intrigued with what is coming together so far.


Sha’donar was in full swing, the religious celebration on eve to the start of battle. Mirja’a made her way through the crowd as they danced, drank, and sang to Upinde.

“Mirja’a! Have a drink with me,” Her’at called over, brandishing a wineskin. She took it dubiously, something about the man always made her uneasy.

She immediately spat out the liquid. "What is this plonk?" Mirja'a demanded.

"It's a special vintage," he explained.

Mirja'a sniffed the skin and her face darkened with rage. "It's been laced! The night before battle against the Bijeszio and you try to drug me?"

Her'at blenched. "Priestess-"

"Enough! You will not make me somnolent!" Mirja'a grabbed him by the collar of his robe and the edge of a tattoo caught her attention. "What? What is this?"

She ripped his robe open, revealing the mark of the Bijeszio. Mirja'a didn't have to ruminate over her next move.

@150 Words


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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Five Sentence Fiction - Bliss

In my stroll through the flash fiction contests, I found Five Sentence Fiction by Lillie McFerrin. What an interesting concept, with a picture and word - neither have to be used exactly but both have to inspiration. See the other enters here.


Title: New Kid on the Block

The name on the street was Bliss, a seemingly innocent looking cupcake laced with the latest concoction of mind-altering drugs. They were hard to trace since they looked so much like ordinary cupcakes, a typical favorite treat of kids and adults alike.

I had come across too many cakeheads on the street, their eyes wide like an excited dog, frosting still on their lips and crumbs in their laps.

The jails were full of people busted for the possession of Bliss, or at least a Bliss-like looking cupcake.

I used to love cupcakes, bastards.


#SatSunTails Microfiction Contest Week 51

Now that I'm trying to get back into the swing of things, I've discovered a whole slew of flash fiction contests that I didn't know about before. I've been subscribing like mad so I don't miss out.
Here's my first entry into the #SatSunTails Microfiction contest by Rebecca Clare Smith.

There is a picture and a word prompt. Check out the site for both.


Title: Surprise Gift

"You made it."

Audriana turned, and smiled as Elliot walked toward her with his hand extended.

"Of course I did," she replied, taking his hand.

Before she could speak again, he spoke, "Watch."

Butterflies came out from all directions and surround them, swirling and twirling. Audriana's jaw dropped as she watched in amazement. She jerked when she heard a whizz and a click immediately behind her head. Her butterfly clip flitting through the air, joining the other real butterflies.

"What is going on?" she whispered, her eyes wide.

"Just watch, it's a surprise."

The butterflies gathered around the golden mechanical one, swirling and gathering in tighter and tighter until it seemed like they couldn't get any closer to one another.

The air shimmered and the butterflies burst forth into one giant butterfly. All the different colors and sizes of the insects worked together as one entity, with Audriana's hairclip in the center.

"Amazing," she murmured.


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