Saturday, November 12, 2011

#FridayPictureShow - I won!!

Woo! Friday was Week 3 of the newest flash contest, #FridayPictureShow, started by my friend Jen DeSantis. I was last entry in, barely squeaking by, posting at 7:59 ET. It had been a super busy day, so it wasn't until it was almost the deadline that I was able write long enough to put words togeether in a way that makes sense.

There were a ton a great entries, so I thought my chances were slim. The prompt was great, tho (see left), and I had a ton of fun with my entry, written in the world of my Nano novel.

It worked because I won! :)  WOooO!OO!OO!O!OOOO!!  I now have a fancy badge to add to my blog. :)

Here's my entry and check out Jen's blog for the rest of the entries:

Alana climbed over the broken timbers of the old roller coaster as David followed behind her. This was where their research had led them. Before it was abandoned, long before it was an amusement park, this was where David’s ancestor had confronted the Destroyers and defeated them. His ancestor, as powerful as he was, wasn’t Alana. He wasn’t a Creator.

All these years, the destroyers had been laying in wait to make their reappearance. This was where the last and final showdown would eventually be. Soon, Alana would be ready to end what was started long before she was born.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Flash Fiction Round-up

Normally I post these separately but I'm feeling lazy. So here's a Flash Fiction Round up of all the contests I've participated in during the past week.

11/2 #HumpDayChallenge (this is also done in the style of my Nano novel.)

Title: Guardians
Alana raced to the police station as she crossed the street. She needed help; there was a strange man that continued to hover around her anytime she left her house and she didn’t know how to get rid of him.
At the main desk, a buck-toothed dispatcher watched at her with disinterest as she tried to tell her story. Other officers looked on as she spoke, with the same disinterested apathy. It was like they were all under some spell.
“What the hell is wrong with you people?” she yelled, no longer trying to humble herself to the police.

11/4 #FridayPictureShow

Title: Nighshade Dalliance
Every night was the same, he came to me. He came in me. I didn’t know his name, he didn’t know mine. We didn’t need names or labels, we just were.
By day he was gone, perhaps a mirage or a ghost or my imagination. I did not care.
His touch set me afire, his kisses blistering, his body scorching.
As we moved together, his thrusts ignited a passion in me that no mortal man had before. I rose above myself, still entwined with his body. We soared, together adrift in our lovemaking, never ending until daybreak touched the sheets.


11/7 #MenageMonday

Title: Soft Shoe
“Say what you want about the shoes, but my husband certainly likes them,” Marianne said as she showed off her patent leather heels.
“Oh, my John likes the shoes too,” Leilana agreed. “However, what he likes about the shoes is a bit disconcerting.”
Marianne arched an eyebrow. “Do tell.”
“Hmm, how do I say this?” Leilana hesitated before continuing. “He likes to … wear them.”
“No!” The expression of shock on Marianne’s face was practically risible.
“Yes!” Leilana assured. “He goes nuts for them. I’ve been married to the man for over ten years and never knew he had such a shoe fetish!” She took a sip of her mojito as she gathered her thoughts. “You know those red platforms I bought last month that I just couldn’t want to wear out?”
Marianne nodded.
“He stole them! I never even got a chance to wear them before he had them all stretched out! The worst part is that he … he … masturbated on them! They’re ruined!”
Marianne choked on her sip of her drink. “Seriously?”

“Yes! I’m so embarrassed, shocked … gah, I don’t know what to feel, except I need a shoe locker with a strong lock.”
11/8 #TuesdayTales (also done in the spirit of my Nano novel)

Title: Protection
Despite her anxiety, Alana was in high spirits. David was a source of effervescence for her. He made the anxiety and fear roll off her back when all she wanted to do was curl up in a ball and pretend that no one was after her.
As she looked out from his bedroom balcony, she no longer feared the outdoors. Between her pendant and the protection David provided, she knew that the destroyers could not hurt her.  She just had to figure out how to defeat them once and for all before they hurt anyone else in her family.
11/8 #5MinuteFiction

Prompt: Your main character encounters your world’s version of the goose that laid the golden egg. 
Holy cow. I mean HOLY cow. Literally. Well, not literally since I wasn’t Hindu but still. This was awesome. I would be set for life. Hell, I’d be set for my next life too … and possibly the life after that.
I never would have thought I would have found the answer here of all places. Not quite exactly where one would expect it to be. Would you expect the THE book to just be laying there?
This wasn’t just any book, mind you. And no, it wasn’t the Bible or the Qur’an or the Vedas or even the Idiots Guide to Life.
No, this was much more important and world altering.
I had found a first edition, signed copy of, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
Not important you say? HERESY.
Douglas Adams is a God in my universe and I found his holy writ.
Now don’t make me choke you with my towel if you disagree.

And now I'm caught up. :)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Flash Fiction - #MenageMonday

Monday was the All Hallow's Eve edition of #MenageMonday. I won scariest story! WOO! I got a fancy schmancy badge to add to my blog (see to the right) Check out the site to see all the prompts and here is my submission.

 Title: Reality of Dreams

I no longer knew how long I had been running, only that it felt like forever. Something sinister was after me. Something that didn’t just want me dead, it wanted me destroyed, obliterated.

Earlier, I was cleaning up my yard from a storm that morning. As I scooped the last pile into the trash, I heard a furious roar and witnessed the utter destruction of my home. It was reminiscent of the ending of Poltergeist; completely frightening and totally unbelievable if I hadn’t witnessed it with my own eyes.

Terrified, I took off, running in the opposite direction. Strange baying called from behind me; angry, huge creatures. Chilled to the bone, it spurred me to run faster. When I found the railroad tracks, I followed, hoping that maybe I would find something that could help me. 

Looking down the tracks, I was startled by a large dust storm billowing across the horizon. I certainly didn’t see that coming. This day had gone from beyond fucked up to completely insane.

This wasn’t any dust storm I had ever seen before. Maybe my mind was playing tricks on me, but I saw faces in the surface of the storm. They looked vaguely skeletal, and angry with mouths open like they were screaming. This did not bode well for me at all.

Uncertain on where to go, I stopped running and tried to catch my bearing. Right away, I heard the sounds of baying, except they were much closer than ever. The dust storm was approaching very quickly. I had no idea what to do or where to go.

The baying was very near now, so close I could almost feel the moist breath as the monster neared. Sand began to sting my cheeks. I turned away from the storm, only to come face to face with the biggest coyote/wolf/dog thing I had ever seen. The creature bared its teeth and saliva dripped from its sharp canines. Three more just like it were right behind.

Terrified, I took a step back and get sucked into the storm. The sand abraded my skin, searing pain shot across my body. The sand around me turned red with my blood as it swirled and tore into me. Suddenly, one of the creatures lunged at me, its huge jaw clamping down on my arm.

I screamed out in pain as the bones of my arm shattered.

I woke up, my scream dying in my throat. As I took several deep breaths, I looked at my unharmed arm. There wasn’t a hair out of place. With a huge sigh of relief, I ran my fingers through my hair and looked up. 

Staring at me from across the room was the same creature from my dream. It snarled, its dark fur standing on end, as its saliva dripped with wet splats onto my floor.

I scooted against the headboard of my bed as it lunged at me.

My screams were cut off with a wet crunch.


497 Words