Saturday, November 12, 2011

#FridayPictureShow - I won!!

Woo! Friday was Week 3 of the newest flash contest, #FridayPictureShow, started by my friend Jen DeSantis. I was last entry in, barely squeaking by, posting at 7:59 ET. It had been a super busy day, so it wasn't until it was almost the deadline that I was able write long enough to put words togeether in a way that makes sense.

There were a ton a great entries, so I thought my chances were slim. The prompt was great, tho (see left), and I had a ton of fun with my entry, written in the world of my Nano novel.

It worked because I won! :)  WOooO!OO!OO!O!OOOO!!  I now have a fancy badge to add to my blog. :)

Here's my entry and check out Jen's blog for the rest of the entries:

Alana climbed over the broken timbers of the old roller coaster as David followed behind her. This was where their research had led them. Before it was abandoned, long before it was an amusement park, this was where David’s ancestor had confronted the Destroyers and defeated them. His ancestor, as powerful as he was, wasn’t Alana. He wasn’t a Creator.

All these years, the destroyers had been laying in wait to make their reappearance. This was where the last and final showdown would eventually be. Soon, Alana would be ready to end what was started long before she was born.

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