Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Flash Fiction - #MenageMonday

Monday was the All Hallow's Eve edition of #MenageMonday. I won scariest story! WOO! I got a fancy schmancy badge to add to my blog (see to the right) Check out the site to see all the prompts and here is my submission.

 Title: Reality of Dreams

I no longer knew how long I had been running, only that it felt like forever. Something sinister was after me. Something that didn’t just want me dead, it wanted me destroyed, obliterated.

Earlier, I was cleaning up my yard from a storm that morning. As I scooped the last pile into the trash, I heard a furious roar and witnessed the utter destruction of my home. It was reminiscent of the ending of Poltergeist; completely frightening and totally unbelievable if I hadn’t witnessed it with my own eyes.

Terrified, I took off, running in the opposite direction. Strange baying called from behind me; angry, huge creatures. Chilled to the bone, it spurred me to run faster. When I found the railroad tracks, I followed, hoping that maybe I would find something that could help me. 

Looking down the tracks, I was startled by a large dust storm billowing across the horizon. I certainly didn’t see that coming. This day had gone from beyond fucked up to completely insane.

This wasn’t any dust storm I had ever seen before. Maybe my mind was playing tricks on me, but I saw faces in the surface of the storm. They looked vaguely skeletal, and angry with mouths open like they were screaming. This did not bode well for me at all.

Uncertain on where to go, I stopped running and tried to catch my bearing. Right away, I heard the sounds of baying, except they were much closer than ever. The dust storm was approaching very quickly. I had no idea what to do or where to go.

The baying was very near now, so close I could almost feel the moist breath as the monster neared. Sand began to sting my cheeks. I turned away from the storm, only to come face to face with the biggest coyote/wolf/dog thing I had ever seen. The creature bared its teeth and saliva dripped from its sharp canines. Three more just like it were right behind.

Terrified, I took a step back and get sucked into the storm. The sand abraded my skin, searing pain shot across my body. The sand around me turned red with my blood as it swirled and tore into me. Suddenly, one of the creatures lunged at me, its huge jaw clamping down on my arm.

I screamed out in pain as the bones of my arm shattered.

I woke up, my scream dying in my throat. As I took several deep breaths, I looked at my unharmed arm. There wasn’t a hair out of place. With a huge sigh of relief, I ran my fingers through my hair and looked up. 

Staring at me from across the room was the same creature from my dream. It snarled, its dark fur standing on end, as its saliva dripped with wet splats onto my floor.

I scooted against the headboard of my bed as it lunged at me.

My screams were cut off with a wet crunch.


497 Words


  1. Congrats on winning the contest! It feels so nice to have people appreciate what you write! I love the part about the sand stinging and abrading (did I spell that right) the protags skin. Great detail!

  2. Congratulations! I agree, being a winner is an excellent experience, that every writer should have. Loved your story.