Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Flash Fiction - TuesdayTales - Week 9

Here's my entry for this week, hosted by Glitterlady at Glitter Word

The prompts:
The word flabbergasted and a photo of a fire thrower

Before my stunned eyes, the wormhole changed, erupting in what appeared to be a deadly ring of fire.

“What the hell just happened?” I asked.

Scrambling, completely flabbergasted on how it was possible, I disengaged the autopilot and desperately tried to pull the ship away from the wormhole.

While it was impossible to be actual fire, being that we were in the vacuum of deep space, something was clearly very wrong.

Klaxons blared, warning everyone of the impending danger. The captain barked orders over the intercom as I continued to try to pull the ship away.

“Hang on!” I shouted.

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