Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Flash Fiction - #5MinuteFiction - Week 73

Happy Tuesday to you all... I entered this week's #5MinuteFiction after being momentarily stumped by the prompt. Yet, I made it as a finalist! Woo! Check out the site and all the entries and vote. Leah Petersen #5MinuteFiction

Here's mine ... the first line was the prompt.

Title: Hunger

More dangerous than it is beautiful, the jungle pities no man, especially a man who enters unprepared. This is where Sergio found himself, knee-deep in a mire and unable to extricate himself. As he tried to reach for branches or vines, anything to pull him out, the jungle waited, patient as it was old, until Sergio tired of his feeble attempts.

The jungle was hungry, the vines could practically taste the nourishment that his fleshy body would provide. The small animals and insects jittered in excitement. Soon it would be time to feed. Soon it would be time for Sergio to scream. Soon.


  1. Great imagery and so creepy in so few words :)

    I should check out this flash fiction, I think even my limited talents could come up with something!

    I’m just dropping by from the Blog Hop hosted by 'The World of My Imagination.'

  2. Thank you! Flash fiction is a great writing exercise for anyone. I strongly suggest it. :)

  3. I love the idea of the jungle being literally the danger. A carnivorous entity. Awesome.

    Maxine, you should definitely join us.