Sunday, September 4, 2011

Flash Fiction - HumpDayChallenge - Week 11

#HumpDayChallenge - Week 11

Week 11 was hosted by D. Ryan Leask's blog: I'm A Writer, Really!

Prompts: Universe(-s), Return(-s, -ed), Planet(-s), Alien(s), Storm

A storm was brewing, a big one that threatened the entire planet.

Fucking aliens and their weather satellites

They used those infernal devices to control their captive planets across the universe. Right when my fellow Rythgarns planned to assault our alien captors, the Dastivas would activate the satellites, devastating our world with electrical storms, furious winds, and everything in between. It was never enough to completely kill everyone but it kept any thought of an uprising far, far away from my suffering people. 

The winds of change were with me. I would not let the Dastivas stop me from returning.

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