Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Flash Fiction - 5MinuteFiction - Week 68

I barely had time two weeks ago to crank out this little gem but I tried. I was a finalist but didn't win (again ... LOL). My friend Jennifer DeSantis keeps on winning. Although, I can't think of a better person to lose to every time. She's a great writer.

#5MinuteFiction contest hosted by Leah Petersen

Prompt: Finally, the digging was over

Finally, the digging was over. The damn dog just wouldn’t stop digging holes. My beautiful yard that I had spent so much time and money on could now pose as the surface of the moon.

The dog was mental, he really was. I wish I understood why my husband wanted this particular dog when there were several others at the APL that needed homes. He thought this digging was cute.

We’ll see how cute he thinks of it when he has to fill the holes in tonight.

Damn dog.

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