Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Flash Fiction - TuesdayTales - Week 5

I recently found this blog that runs a flash fiction contest. This is the first week for me. :) Seems to be fun so far. Glitter Word

Prompt: Bellweather (and a picture on the blog)

Here's  my entry.

Preggo Cravings
The sparks were a bellweather of what was to come. The lights had been getting worse from just a few pin pricks in my field of vision to outright flame like images. Something was definitely wrong with my eyes. Ever since that asteroid landed in our backyard, things have been a bit wonky.

It wasn’t just my vision either. Suddenly, I developed a taste for pickles and mole. I hated pickles and mole. The best was pickles dipped in mole. Something about the vinegary, bitter flavor seemed to do it now. Maybe I was pregnant with an alien baby.

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