Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Flash Fiction - 5MinuteFiction - Week 62

Here's my older entries in the #5MinuteFiction contest hosted by Leah Petersen

Prompt: Time

“Ugh,” I groaned as I pushed away from my desk, watching the door across the office floor open ponderously.

Every day, the same thing happened at the same time. The boss would walk out of his enclave looking like a king--or a tyrant as we usually called him—surveying his kingdom. He never actually came out on the floor, but stared from the threshold of his office door while all of his little workers scurrying away, toiling at their tasks, all for his gain.

If one of us was privileged with his glance, he may crack a smile, all the while staring down his nose. Usually, all we got was a barely satisfied glower. I hoped for the glower. The smile made me fill like I was on his radar and I most certainly did not want to be a target.

Mr. Masters, the boss/tyrant, did something unusual today. He actually stepped onto the office floor. He was actually blessing us with his presence. I was struck between the desire to hide from his gaze like I normally would, or watch to see what he would do next.

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