Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Flash Fiction - Tuesday Tales - Week 8

Because I apparently don't have entirely enough to do, I started participating in another flash fiction contest. This one is hosted by Glitterlady on her blog: Glitter Word

The contest is similiar to others; 100 word limit, prompt to write from is a word and a picture.

Prompt: Shoal and picture of water pouring

It was hypnotic, the way the water tumbled from the waterfall onto the shoal below. I stared into the pulsating flow, watching the minute images reflected on the jumbling surface, small bits of the world refracted for an instant.

I glanced at my feet, sunken ankle deep into the pool. The current of the shallow was swift, much faster than it appeared. As the water moved around my feet, it looked like little fingers were racing across my skin and bones, miniature eddies stirring in the wake.

Kneeling, I trailed my fingers into the water, forming gashes as it moved.

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