Sunday, September 9, 2012

#SixSentenceSunday Week 12

Another Sunday, another six sentences. While you are reading this, I am thousands of feet in the air as start my vacation. I hope you enjoy another nugget of my WIP Guardians. Also, check out the other authors' sentences on #SixSunday

Officer Alva nodded at his partner and squared his shoulders, his posture stiff as he turned towards Alana. "Ms. Bachman, there is only one set of fingerprints on the car."


His partner spoke up. "This can happen if the perpetrator used gloves, but there also isn't any other evidence, like a stray strand of hair or fibers of fabric."

"So what does that mean?"

Have a great week! What do your six sentences say?


  1. Clearly this wasn't what she wanted to hear. This is a very compelling scene. Thanks for sharing it.

    1. Indeed! Thank you for reading and coming back each week! :)