Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hump Day Anyone?

So today finds me in my favorite hidey-hole to write, a local coffee house/creperie that has free wifi (score!). It is a nice break from work.

I didn't win #MenageMonday but I had fun with the prompt. #MotivationalMonday and #TuesdayTales didn't pan out but I did participate in #55WordChallenge today (and I miss #HumpDayChallenge too - that was a fun one).

The pictures were quite engaging today but I was instantly drawn to the first one. The Muse spoke. Enjoy!

Title: The Best for Last

The grass was the last thing I saw.

There was no warning when the plague hit. I thought I had beat it, having lived longer than my neighbors and others.

I stared as my vision dimmed, the vibrant grass mocking me as I died.

I was wrong. The plague came for us all.

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