Sunday, April 29, 2012

#SixSentenceSunday - Week 4

Once again, work has kept me very busy but I'm still trying to keep my head in the game, aided by the #SixSentenceSunday project/blogroll and Cara Michael's #WIP500.

I completely forgot to post last week for #SixSentenceSunday but I didn't this week! :) Woo! (added note: this was supposed to post this morning but I wasn't paying attention to the date when I scheduled the post and had it set up for tomorrow. Sigh.)

Without further delay, I bring you my six sentences from Guardians.

All the friendliness didn’t do a thing to dispel the anxiety that was coursing through Alana. She tried to fight the urge to look behind her. David seemed to pick up on her tension, looked at her with concern, and kept any further conversations with people to a minimum.

They turned the corner of the block towards town hall and as Alana looked up, she stopped in shock. She was completely unprepared for the sudden assault of images in her mind. What was happening?

What will your six sentences say?


  1. Very interesting. I really want to know what happens next. I especially liked your first line. I've noticed that the friendlier people act, the more anxious I get, it's a bad impulse left over from high school I've never been able to shake.

    I really enjoyed your six.