Sunday, April 15, 2012

#SixSentenceSunday - Week 3

I'm really starting to like the #SixSentenceSunday project/blogroll. It is helping me keep my WIP on my mind even while my day job sucks the life out of me. I joke ... I enjoy my job usually but it takes up a lot of my time.

Here's my next six from Guardians

“That’s quite an unusual necklace you have, Alana. I’ve only seen one other like it.”

“Oh, this?” Alana touched the pendant, running a finger along the spiral. “My grandmother gave this to me when I turned thirteen. I always wear it, and now I feel like I have a part of her with me at all times. She had one just like it, too.”

So last week, she was hearing noises and voices in her head. Is there any correlation with her pendant or is it just an ordinary piece of jewelry?

What will your six sentences say?


  1. Hmm. I'm thinking that necklace has something to do with it! Nice six.

  2. Intriguing six! I'm wondering what's up with the pendants.

  3. Intriguing six. Sounds like the pendants will have an important role.

  4. Thank you for your kind comments! :)

  5. Methinks there is never such thing as an ordinary piece of jewelry in fiction. (smiles)

  6. Oh, very interesting. I love intrique and the possiblity of a cursed object.

    I agree with you about SSS helping you keep focused, I enjoy both of my jobs (most of the time) but the last thing I want to do most days is work on my manuscripts.

  7. Exactly. Really blows the writing mojo when your brain hurts from work.