Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Virgin Post

I will come out and say I'm not the world's best blogger... I'm more like the worst. I prefer to read and comment on others then make one myself. However, it seems to be the nature of the beat to try to make an online presence for myself.

So here I am!  *Stands up and waves*

A little bit about me:
I began writing in high school, a mix of teenage romance shorts and one epically long science fiction story. Over the years, I have considered blowing the dust off the sci-fi story to see if anything is salvageable but, to be honest, I'm a bit scared to do so. My writing has improved vastly over the years and I shudder, literally shudder, over the thought of trying to dig through that story and all the horrible grammar, misspelling, and overall craptasticness. Plus... to be honest, it was a bit far-fetched. What I remember now was full of plot-holes...the size of which one of my husband's 53' tractor trailers could fit through.

I'll chalk it up to a learning experience. LOL

After high school, I didn't write as much.  Either there wasn't time or there wasn't the motivation to do so. Between work and dating, the draw just wasn't there. I had ideas in my head from time to time, but they never made it to paper.

Fast-forward several years as I trudged from a couple of meaningless jobs and picking through a college degree a few classes at a time. I find myself in a decent job and very close to finishing my degree (a boring business one, but a degree nonetheless) and the writing bug returns... spurred on by a story that was linked on a page I was viewing on Facebook.

There I was introduced to the world of Fanfiction. I was reading a fanfic story based on a series of books that I had recently read and greatly enjoyed. I was amazed at the amount of people from all ages who had written stories. Some were really good.... some were really bad, but they all shared a common love of writing. I was intrigued and decided to throw my hand in.

It has been a learning experience for me. It allowed me to cultivate my writing and my creativity again, allowing me to improve my writing and hone my much needed grammar skills. Say what you want about fanfiction, but borrowing from the backdrop of another writer's universe can be a good stepping stone for a beginning writer by writing new stories based on familiar characters. Some people have no desire to write professionally and just have fun with characters they love. What better compliment can a published author have then to realize that the readers can't get enough of the characters? For the serious writer, once he or she gets more comfortable with the craft, the writer can explore and create a unique universe with unique characters and a unique plot.

This is where I find myself now. I still enjoy the fanfiction environment and the great friends I've made, but now I find myself focusing more on my original work. Eventual publication is the goal, but I know I have a bit to go (not to mention finishing my manuscript would be a good idea). The support from my friends within fanfiction and new friends in the published world have been crucial and I wouldn't be here without them.


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