Monday, September 2, 2013

The Monday Mixer - September 2nd

On this relaxing Labor Day, I took a stab at today's selection of words for Jeff Hollar's Monday Mixer. As soon as I saw the words, I knew what I wanted to do. The bolded words are the ones I picked.

Things:          1) slew              2) exemplar         3) decolletage
Verbs:           1) typify           2) debilitate           3) ensorcell
Adjectives:   1) prodigal        2) fractious           3) vainglorious


Abreast of the Situation

Durella stood in front of the mirror in her sitting room and adjusted her decolletage. The neckline of her gown was nearly scandalous with the amount of bosom showing but she wanted it that way. The fractious men she had to deal with would be well ensorcelled by the expanse of milky flesh and would be easier to coerce to her bidding.

Why, they'd practically be salivating, hoping, wishing for a glimpse of more. All it would take would be a sudden movement and she'd spill out of her gown, not that she'd allow that to happen. This wasn't the first time, nor would it be the last, where she'd have to use her assets to make things happen. Never in those times had she ever slipped, much to the various lords chagrin.

She was a master manipulator and well, men were such simple creatures, even noble ones.

148 words