Monday, September 9, 2013

FIRST PUBLICATION ANNOUNCEMENT: “My Friends And I” Song And Story Collaboration

I am very proud and honored to make this announcement on this fine Monday morning.

A few weeks ago, I was approached to participate in a song and story collaboration to help promote the release of a CD of indie musicians. I was thrilled at the chance to not only help promote fellow artists but to also put my name out there. I couldn't be happier that this collaboration is also my first ever published work (the ebook will be available soon).

Here are some more details about this awesome project. My contribution to the collaboration is at the very bottom. If you like my story, check out the others and buy the album! 

The Book:                             The Album:

What was created?
An ebook companion to the cd composed of stories inspired by the songs
Who wrote the stories?
Thirteen writers crazy enough to donate 1,000 words
M.L. Gammella; Ruth LongSarah AislingLillie McFerrinJenn MontyJeff Tsuruoka;Lisa ShambrookLizze KochSamantha GearyNick JohnsL.E. JamezJeff Hollar; Bradley Richter.
Who created the cover art for the book?
Micah Van Zandt – artist, musician, performer, and all-around-cool-dude – used the writer's pictures to design a cover that mimicked the cd cover
Why would someone participate in this project for free?
To be part of a unique and first-of-its-kind creative collaboration
To support indie efforts ~ even across creative disciplines
To reach a new audience for their websites and books
When will the book be ready?
We're in the formatting queue and as soon as we clear that hurdle we'll update our posts and share the link (hopefully before the end of the week).
How can you join in the fun?
Read the stories (click on the writer links above)
Purchase the cd Amazon/CD Baby )
Leave feedback for the musicians and or writers
Support indie creatives across all disciplines

I had the first track of the album, "Sunday Afternoon" by The Poorhouse Millionaires. The title of the song was so perfect, I used that for the title of my story. There is a lot of nostalgia in the song and I think you will be able to pick up on that in my story.

Sunday Afternoon

"We shouldn't wait ten years before doing this again," Frank commented, looking
across the grass at the lively activity by he and his friends' families. Life, family, and
the usual things kept the three lifelong friends from seeing one another with any

"No, that's for sure," Joe agreed. He raised his hand to shade his eyes, peering into
the distance at the group of kids. "Is that your boy out in front of the pack?"

"Sure is," Frank replied with pride. "He's the fastest tight end that Marion High School
has ever seen. The coach can't wait to put him in the varsity team next fall."

The third of their trio, John, grunted and adjusted his worn ballcap. "We could use
speed like that at Carver. Our team is in desperate need of help."

"That's too bad," Frank commented. "Your boy doesn't play?"

"Oh, he does, but he's not in high school yet. You and Sharon got an early start on

Frank chuckled. The impending arrival of Frank Jr was a surprise for the university
juniors and made the young couple shift their priorities real quick. Sure, having a kid
while still in college wasn't a part of the plan, but they rolled with it and they both
still graduated on time.

Nearby, Frank's wife kicked a cooler lid shut, her hands full of ice-cold beers for the
men and their wives. Rollicking music accompanied the sway of her hips, the bluesy
tempo keeping time with her steps. Frank reminded himself of how thankful he was
for the woman who walked toward them.

Sharon was just as gorgeous today as she was when he first saw her at the University
of Alabama, talking with a group of her friends in the Quad. Sharon's long brunette
hair was the first thing that caught his eye, shimmering in the warm southern sun.
Now there were a few grays in her hair, but they had names: Frank Jr, Rose, and

"Here you go, boys," Sharon said as she handed each man his beer, then served the

Everyone mumbled their thanks and the sounds of caps being twisted from bottles
quickly followed.

Sharon and the other women walked toward where the children were playing while
Frank, Joe, and John continued to talk in the shade of a large elm tree.

"John, do you remember that one night by the old water tower, behind the high
school?" Joe asked, his eyes twinkling.

"How could I forget? We nearly got expelled for that stunt!"

Frank laughed after taking a sip of his beer. "You're lucky my daddy was the sheriff,
otherwise you would've had more problems than just being expelled!"

"Boy, don't I know it! My pa sure tore me a new one that night. I don't think I could sit
right for days."The three life-long friends chuckled, lost in their memories of that night and others.

Frank, Joe, and John kept law enforcement on their toes as they grew up and got
rowdy. Frank's father kept them out of the worst trouble, to the never-ending
gratitude of Joe's and John's parents.

"How is your father doing nowadays, John?"

"Ah, he has good days and bad days. Mom tries to do her best, but it may be time to
bring someone in. She can't do it by herself and she won't let me or Jenny help."
"I'm sorry, man. If there's anything we can do ... "

John shrugged and sipped his beer. "Thanks for the offer, but you can't stop the
clock, man. Time ticks for all of us."

"You're getting philosophical in your old age," Joe commented with a smirk.

"I was the philosophy major, remember?"

The three men started laughing again.

"Your dad was so mad. I remember him raging around the neighborhood talking
about his boy taking philosophy, 'some tree-huggin' hippie crap.'"

"I only did it to piss him off. I never wanted to go to college in the first place."

"You seemed to do well with it," Frank commented.

"Surprisingly enough, I did. Helps me now, that's for sure."

A familiar tune began to play on the radio, one that brought out the best memories of
their teenaged years and brightened the mood.

Frank turned the music up looked around eagerly for his wife. Taking the final sip of
his beer, he caught her eye and waved her over. Sharon turned and said something
to Cindy and Trina, Joe's and John's wives respectively. The three women laughed as
they walked toward their husbands. The collective group of children were following
their mothers, more or less. There were a few stragglers, notably the oldest three
who looked like they were up to something. The look was very familiar to the three

"Think they are taking after us?" John asked.

"Lord I hope not," Frank replied with a snort.

As soon as Sharon was close enough, Frank swept her up in his arms and began
dancing with her. Joe and John followed suit with their wives, and even the kids got
into the music.

Surrounded by the love of his life, his friends, and all their children, he couldn't think
of any place he'd rather be. "Can't get much better than this," Frank hollered over
the music, his smile stretched from ear to ear. "My love, my kids, and my friends and
I on this Sunday afternoon!"

"Here, here!" John and Joe echoed. "On this Sunday afternoon!"


Thanks for reading! Support your local indie authors and musicians!

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