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Here is where you can find samples of the work I have done as a copywriter. I began copy-writing in January of 2013 and have had a good amount of success with it. I have a degree in business and a love (and skill) of writing, the combination of which makes for a good business copywriter.

Most of my work has been ghost-written, but below are some of the links to the articles I have created. If you are looking for a copywriter with reasonable rates, contact me either by commenting on this page or emailing me at

Here is where you can find the articles that I have total authorship over:

The rest of the links below are articles that were ghost-written. As you can see, the topics range, but are primarily all business-related. This list will update as the articles I have written are posted.

Marketing & Advertising
Traditional Advertising Wisdom
101 Inbound Marketing Blogs You Should Be Reading
25 Event Marketing Tips

Business Blogging
Is Your Blog Dressed Up for Halloween?
To Post or Not to Post: The Best Time to Update Your Blog
9 Reasons Why Guest Blogging Won’t Work for Your Business

Finance, Mortgage, & Real Estate
Financing Your New Home
Music City Center Attracts Home Buyers
Skip The Hotel This Summer – Plan On A Rental Home

Arts & Entertainment
The Top 6 Winter Art Events in NY
Achieving A High-Dollar Look In Your Apartment When You Have Just A Few Bucks To Spend -
This one is special to me, it was my very first copy-writing article I ever wrote.
3 Great Cincinnati Brewery Experiences You Can’t Miss
Winter Wedding Ideas For Cincinnati Couples

General Business
10 Stress-Relieving Techniques for Corporate Travel Managers
How Corporate Travel Managers Can Avoid Ancillary Fees
7 Ways You Can Reduce Your Workers Compensation Risks
4 Ways to Make Executive Travel More Enjoyable
Tips for Maintaining Relationships With Corporate Travel Vendors
Vehicle And Driver Data Are Only The First Step In Proper Fleet Management
Cost-Effectiveness: The Most Important Element Of Running A Business
How To Streamline Your Business Process

Social Media
5 Different Jobs With An International Business Degree
Plants We Love: Winterberry
Carlitos Tile and Granite - I created the home page text, the about, and services pages
Where Do I Meet My Chauffeur at Sacramento Airport?

Updated 11/26/13

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