Wednesday, August 14, 2013

VisDare 33: Indifferent

This week was a bit harder for me to produce something for #VisDare, but I still went for it. Check out the other entries here.

Three paths were laid out before of her, each would take her in different directions. The left had more opportunity and was exciting, but was fraught with higher risk. The right was safer, but secure and had the potential to be dull. The middle, now that was the unknown. Did she have to choose either one or the other? Could she not have excitement risk tempered with security?

Without looking to either the left or the right, she forged on ahead. She would make her own path and not chose what had been expected of her from either side.  Eliana wanted safety and security but on her terms. There was room for excitement there, and opportunity, but it would on her terms only and not someone else's.

This was her life, and she was going to start living it. No one else was going to make that choice for her.

150 Words


  1. This tale feels like part of a larger piece and has a depth to match. Good stuff Miranda!

    1. Thank you! I struggled with this one. It isn't anything larger... yet, but who knows! :)