Friday, June 15, 2012

#55Word Challenge Flashes from March to June

I had just started the #55WordChallenge flash contest during this time frame, so this will be completely caught up.  The site can be found at:



Title: The Path Ahead

It was a dichotomy, the wind and fire, the sand and storm. No one understood how the place existed, but understanding was not necessary.

It was sacred, magical.

Only the best of us made it this far. We looked upward and were gifted with our destiny. Now it was up to us to fulfill it.



Title: Strange New World

In the depth of rock, a new world exists. A single beam of light illuminates the alien environment full of strange plants and growing things. Even the air smells different, like there is something more ... more alive to this place.

As my feet touch down on this new earth, I wonder what I’ll find.



Title: End of an Age

With every drip and drizzle from the tunnel, the ravine slowly died. Its life leeched away by the polluted sludge that crept along the water’s bed. No longer could the waters feed and protect the delicate tiny creatures and beings that resided in the soft soil and tender greens. 



Title: The Road Less Travelled

The two pills in my hand looked relatively innocuous, but one would change my life dramatically.

I quickly swallowed the green pill and closed my eyes. The beeps of the life support system faded into nothing as my body prepared for cryo-sleep.

Upon waking, I’d find myself on the brink of a brand new world.


Thank you for reading.

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