Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February 1st And All Is Well

Thirty-one days into #WIP500, and I have been coasting around 55% of the quota. What does that mean? That I've managed to write 500 words a day only about 55% of the time. Some recent changes with work will hopefully make it easier to get more words in, but nevertheless, I will continue to try.

The various flash fiction contests I participate in each week have helped. It has allowed me to get into and stay in the universe of my story, which helps the creative spirit. It also has allowed me to delve into aspects of my WIP that I haven't gotten to yet (I'm the type that has to write in sequence: chapter 1 then chapter 2 then chapter 3 and so on). It helps visualize more of the story as I write.

My goal this month is to get farther, and move up my percentage up to 75% of the goal. To make that goal, I need to write more on the days I do write. If I want to get to 100%, I will need to write about 1000 words, Monday through Friday. Since I don't write much on the weekends, this will be my new goal.

Hope that any of you that are working on current projects or are also participating in #WIP500 are also having success with your writing.

Onward ...


  1. Good for you. Keep it up. I'm --I hope--on the final round of edits for my wip.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Good job! Editing seems to be the hardest thing to do. What to cut, what to keep. That is my problem sometimes, is that I can't stop going back to edit. It's difficult to just keep writing forward without wanting to go back to fix something that I realize later on I didn't like. Ah well, something else to work on! :)

  3. Hi Miranda - Well done to you and good luck (btw, isn't it annoying that editing isn't really part of the WIP word count yet it takes up loads of time?!) I'm very pleased with my #WIP500 progress so far, but Jan has been a busy month with lots of comps - just hope I can keep the momentum going...