Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Flash Fiction Week of January 9th

Last week was a good week for me with the flash contests. Always nice to get recognition. My goal this week was to write all of my flash contests in the universe of my WIP, with the hopes I can use some of the material in the actual story. If not usable, it will still keep my mind in those characters.


Title: Off-Roading in Style

“David, this vehicle is not appropriate for off-roading,” Alana said as she looked over the three-wheeler.

“What do you mean? The guy at the rental place said this was perfect for looking at the terminal garbage glacial stuff up in the hills.”

“They’re called terminal moraines, David.”

“Yeah, glacial garbage.”

Alana rolled her eyes and examined the vehicle again. She really didn’t see how this was practical, but she’d take a chance on it. With a deep breath, she grabbed a helmet and tossed David the other one.

“Time to saddle up, big boy.”



Title: Guardians
(This is also the cliffnotes version of my WIP if you are curious)

An ancient legend tells of a sword and stone, but this was something different. It was still a battle of good versus evil, except with a shepherd’s crook in stead of a sword and a womb for the stone.

In a small town in Maine, a woman returned after being gone since she was a small child. She had no idea of the evil that was laying in wait for her. A small group of men, overtaken by a timeless evil, had killed her parents and now were after her.

She was the ultimate Creator. She was the last daughter from the Original. She was the symbol of woman, of she who brought life into the world. The men were Destroyers. They reigned with delight in chaos and death.

What the Destroyers failed to realize was that without life there was no death, and vice versa. Life needed death and death needed life, as long as there was always more life to sustain the next cycle. If the destroyers ever truly won the war for good, it would be the end for everyone and everything. The Creators knew that and strived to always be one step ahead.
Until they almost weren’t.

When the Destroyers killed the last daughter’s parents, they thought they had gotten an edge. What they didn’t realize is that there were protectors out there.
Hope was in sight.

A man stood up for the last daughter and kept her safe from the evil that tried to get to her, to make her crazy, to kill her. He was a guardian. With an innocent shepherd’s crook, his symbol of his protection and strength, he stayed the wave of evil until the last daughter was strong enough.

In an epic battle, she released the men from the evil that held them. The spirits of the Destroyers were free, but without bodies, they could no longer harm her or anyone else. The last daughter was free to fulfill her destiny and create new life the only way she knew how.



Title: Purity of White

“I hate pink,” Matilda declared.

“We can paint it, Maddie,” her mom said with desperation.

“No, you can’t.”

Maddie faced her mother while sitting on her pristine white bed in her pristine white bedroom. Her eyes were wide, seemingly innocent, entirely deceptive. Her mother cringed back in fear, no longer defiant.

“Remove it,” the child demanded. “Now!”

Maddie’s mother hurried to the wall and began scrubbing with the hem of her shirt.
“Harder! I still see it!”

The woman scrubbed as hard as she could, even using her hands and wrists, until blood began smearing across the wall.

“Much better.”



Title: Life in a Dream

I awoke in my bed, much the same as every day, wishing it was not. My husband’s clothes were tossed about the room, wherever he decided to throw them and his collection of coffee cups littered his bedside table. My frequent requests for him to clean up after himself always went unheeded and I was tired of picking up after him. We had three kids already. I didn’t need or want a forth.

With a grumble, I trudged through the mess into the living room. Again, it was much the same. The destruction that only kids could create was aided by my husband’s increasing laziness. The dish washer was full of clean dishes just waiting to be put away, while the sink was full of dirty ones. Shoes were all over the floor, interspaced with the occasional dog toy. Jackets were flung over the back of the couch in a pile.

I wanted to scream. Instead, I sighed with resignation and started to pick up the room. As I turned with an armload of shoes, I tripped on a dog bone. The last thing I heard was the clatter of shoes.

I woke on a wicker lounger on a beach with a tanned, buff man kneeling next to me with a plate of chocolates and a bottle of wine in his hands.

“Are you okay, Shar?” he asked, setting the plate down and running his hand down my arm.

“Yes, I think. I had such a horrible nightmare,” I replied with a moment of clarity.

“Was it the messy house again?”

I nodded as he fed me a piece of chocolate. As the treat melted on my tongue, I smiled at my little slice of perfection.



Title: Through a Child’s Eyes

The little girl watched the lemurs in the zoo enclosure, her mind awhirl at what they were thinking and doing in their little world.

Doris, the female with the fluffiest tail, was being serenaded by Boris, the tallest male. She twittered as he sang, clearly pleased with his efforts. She shook her tail at him as he scampered over to the pool and gathered water in his hands like a goblet for his intended.

To the little girl, she thought it was a celebration. The small creatures looked so happy, completely different from the generic description the zoo guide provided.



Title: The End of the Cycle

David and Alana raced down the street of downtown Wardville, the skies darkening as they ran. The destroyers were gathering power quickly. If they didn’t get to the town hall in time, it would be too late. She couldn’t believe what was happening. Alana barely had time to digest everything she had found out about who and what she was and the significance of her pendant before she and David were literally running for their lives.

It had been an interesting day to say the least.

They burst through the doors of the town hall and were encased in darkness. Alana gasped in surprise, expecting there to be at least emergency lights on. David grabbed her hand and squeezed it gently.

“You ready for this?” she asked, as her eyes scanned the room, looking for the men who were the cause of all the evil happening.

He nodded with a smirk. “No place I’d rather be. I’m strong like bull,” he said, affecting a fake Russian accent.

“Sure you are, tough guy.” Alana laughed, her heart lifting before they got down to business.



(This got submitted a few minutes too late to count but it was still fun to write.)

I remained, observing all. I was there in the day. I was there in the night. I was solemn when people came to mourn and I was pleased when the deceased spirits rose to their final rest.

Life continued by me, and still I remained.

Flowers grew, bloomed, and withered, only to grow again the next spring..

The trees grew taller and fuller each season, shedding their leaves like a layer of skin before growing again.

Still I remained and observed.

My presence was never noticed. I was as still as stone, observing all, for all time.

I remained.

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