Monday, August 1, 2011

Writing Photo Prompt Challenge - Week 58

So I've been pretty fail at updating the blog due to things going on in my life and just in general not updating. I've kept up the writing part, which is good ... but not so good without the blog. LOL See, I TOLD you I was a horrible blogger. :)

Anyway, here's Week 58 of my pic prompt.

Hearts So Deep - Part 6

“Julianne? Julianne Turner?”

She stopped, but didn’t turn around.

“Who is asking?” a soft but gravely voice asked.

“Um, her niece, Casey Thomas,” I said softly, coming to a stop a few feet from her.

“Niece?” the older woman said tentatively, turning slowly.

It was like looking at an older version of my mother. I covered my lips with my hand in disbelief. Her eyes widened as she looked at me from head to foot.

“My God, you look just like Susan,” she whispered. After getting over her shock, she took a step back. “How did you find me?”

“Mom’s journal spoke of you, an aunt that I had no idea I had. So I did some research to find out what I could about you. Where you lived ... where you were from ... if you still lived. Those questions let me here.”

Julianne stood in shock, as she continued to look at me as if she was memorizing my appearance.

“I can’t believe how grown up you look. When did your hair color change?”

I shook my head, surprised by her questions and growing irritated. “What? What about my hair? I have never met you and you ask me about my hair?” I asked incredulously. The dam broke and more questions burst forth. “Why have I never met you? Why did you stay away? Did you and my mother get into a fight?” I paused before the last question stumbled from my lips. “Do you know who killed my mom?”

Tears began to well in my eyes as I started at a woman that looked so much like my mother but was a stranger. My childhood memories floated around my head of my mom, my mom who was alive and well, happy but always with a hint of sadness.

“Oh, Casey,” Julianne said, rushing to me and taking my hands in hers. “I wanted to, for so long, especially after Susan died, but I couldn’t. It wasn’t safe.”

I pulled my hands away and wrapped my arms around myself, suddenly chilled. “Wasn’t safe? Safe for whom?”


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