Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Writing Intensity...

So I'm working into chapter four of my novel and I only get so far before I stop. It's quite maddening. This is a key part of the story that ramps up the action as the world starts to go bonkers over the discovery. When I read what I've written, I don't see the level of intensity and excitement that I picture in my mind without it being over the top and melodramatic.

It is very frustrating.

My friends that I write with say it sounds fine, but still, I doubt. Ah, but this is natural, is it not? We are always our worst critics.

My scene invovlves a car chase on a interstate/turnpike. Options for evading are few seeing how everyone is driving in a straight line. Also, the pursuer is only tailing, not trying to run the MCs off the road. The internal thoughts of the characters and the dialogue seem to get some of the mood there but not all. I am not able to put a finger on what I am missing.

I am *this* close to just scrubbing the whole scene and trying to rewrite it completely. What I have pictured in my mind is not coming across right.

Do you do that? When you are writing a scene, do you picture it your head first? The environment, the characters themselves, what they are wearing, their facial expressions? It's like a movie in my mind ... I just need to figure out how to depict what is there.

How do you develop intensity in a scene you are writing? What do you focus on? The action of the scene? Body langage? Dialogue? Or perhaps all of the above?

Onward ...

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