About Me

"Work by day, Write by night, All day awesome."

How it all started:

Throughout high school in small-town Ohio, one thing I always kept with me was a spiral-bound notebook. In class, instead of paying attention to the teacher, I was usually bend over my notebook scribbling away. The teachers didn't really seem to be bothered. I was quiet and kept to myself so as long as I wasn't a distraction and I kept my grades up, they let me be.

Life being what it is, after graduation, there was less time and less motivation to write as I entered the "real world" and got a job and eventually went to college.

Finally, a few years ago, I found my writing mojo again and began putting the pen to paper. I have all sorts of ideas in my head but only a few get developed enough to actually put down on paper or word doc.

Where I am at now:
So far, I have two unfinished novels and a college degree (woo!) in business. My first novel written during my first attempt at Nano has been shelved for now. I will get back to it eventually. My current novel in progress was also started during Nano 2012. While I am still working on it, I did win Nano! Eventually it will be published, just a matter of when.

I also participate in flash fiction contests throughout the week and run the Daily Picspiration blog with a group of diverse and talented authors. 

When I'm not writing or freelancing, I spent time with my husband and our pets, I read and cook, go to football games, tinker in our garden, and go to Jazzercise. It's a pretty good life so far. My husband has shown to be a very patient man, playing nicely with my need to read and write. He needs sports. I need books. It works. :)

Where to find me: